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Founded in 2020, Infinite Legacy is quickly gaining a reputation as a dominant force in Tucson, AZ. Best known for our specialities in face-to-face customer acquisitions, market expansion, and brand awareness, Infinite Legacy acquires new customers on behalf of the most competitive names in the entertainment, satellite broadcasting, and fiber optic industries.

We blend state of the art customer relationship management software with the age-old belief that business should be done over a handshake. The personalization we put into every sales consultation is another competitive advantage we offer to clients looking to grow their immediate market share and reach. At Infinite Legacy, we know that our success is dependent on how well we represent our clients’ names and customers, so superior customer service is a must.

Infinite Legacy has a sustainable business model built on the one skill that cannot be outsourced: real face-to-face interaction with customers. Our philosophy of internal, organic promotions ensures all team members at Infinite Legacy are challenged, rewarded, and motivated to exceed expectations.


Customer Acquisition

As a competitive marketing and sales firm, our specialty in customer acquisition for multi-billion dollar clients allows us increase our clients’ consumer base in Tucson on a daily basis through a face-to-face approach. All of our sales presentations are delivered in-person to retail shoppers, creating trust and transparency.

Direct Marketing

Rather than using mass marketing methods such as TV commercials or billboards, Infinite Legacy markets its clients’ products face-to-face with qualified consumers. With a focus on in-person communication, we eliminate the gap between consumer and client, ensuring the satisfaction of the first and the growth of the second!

Brand Awareness

By garnering new customers on a daily basis, Infinite Legacy offers what every business struggles with: a growing consumer base. Since we operate on a face-to-face level, our highly trained marketing and sales team ensures that brands are represented with professionalism and integrity.

Market Expansion

At the request of our multi-billion dollar clients, Infinite Legacy is expanding into new markets across the nation. With projections to expand into an additional 2 markets this year, it is important to us that we offer a work environment that is all-encompassing and encouraging.

Sales & Consulting

By meeting with prospective customers inside retail locations, we are able to ensure effective communication and build long-lasting client-consumer relationships. Conjoining Tucson’s best talent and state of the art CRM software, we are an undeniable asset to the regional and national growth of our clientele.

Team Development

One of our Infinite Legacy’s biggest strengths is the unity and diversity amongst its team. Using marketing and sales strategies that are easily replicated, we teach our team that by following a system and having superior customer service skills, they can excel within the company.


we are proud of



“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb


Sales Account Manager

If you are looking to advance your sales career, here at Infinite Legacy, your hard work and professional dedication will be rewarded.


Customer Service & Sales Associate

We are currently seeking to hire a motivated and excited individual that stands out as a part of our entry-level sales and advertising representative team.


Brand Representative

If you enjoy a fast-paced work environment with some friendly competition, then our entry-level Brand Promoter position might be a good fit for you.


Branch Manager

``Throughout my journey, I've been able to develop so many different skill sets that would have most likely taken me years to develop if it wasn't for the intense training offered here, including communication skills, competitiveness, a great team environment, and how to drive performance in a team. It's all about being the best version of yourself on a day-to-day basis and being surrounded by people who want the same for themselves. I can proudly say that I've grown so much personally and professionally, and I would say anyone that wants to experience that type of growth, come check us out!



``My journey within this company has taught me that nothing is given, everything is earned. It also has challenged me to be the best version of myself everyday. I have been blessed to have a family and support team here to hold me accountable for my daily actions, to push me to be better, and to support me through the highs and lows. Being able to give other individuals with grit, awesome work ethic, and determination to challenge themselves every day and get closer to their goals and accomplishments in life, pushes me everyday to make infinite legacies. Besides being a rockstar of a mom to 3 beautiful kiddos, I strive to show them an awesome example of true determination and remind them everyday you can do anything in life if you just push a little harder than yesterday!``


Account Manager

``I have big dreams and a big appetite for change, I am an artist, and I make clothes. My favorite thing about living here is the people in Tucson. I love being able to help them and change there lives on a daily basis. Thanks to Infinite Legacy, not only have I been able to have more options for where I am able to live, but I am able to provide for my folks more then I could have otherwise. The skills I have received in this career will stay with me into any career I wish to go in. I am truly thankful for being given the opportunity to better my mind and to gain new opportunities to take advantage of. ``


Account Manager

``One of my goals is to become to my own boss and lead a team of hard-working individuals who also want to go the distance. Infinite Legacy pushes me to be the best me every single day and the team atmosphere here motivates me. It is the family element which makes working here incredibly fun.``


Account Manager

``Infinite Legacy has helped me achieve my goals of owning a home soon and being more financially stable in my life. Working here has also made me a better problem solver.``


Account Manager

``This is a great company for growth, financial stability, and culture. I can personally say that for me it's been life altering in the best ways. This is the first job I've had that I actually get excited to go to each day. They have a great leadership team that mentors and support you fully when it comes to professional and personal goal setting. There are lots of out-of-the-office events that are fun for coworkers, family, and friends. If you have a good work ethic, student mentality, awesome attitude, and ambition to grow, I would definitely recommend you check into INFINITE LEGACY!``

Our Work

Infinite Legacy connects large corporations and multi-billion dollar companies with everyday consumers. Our form of direct marketing and sales has proven to be more effective than mass advertising methods because we are able to connect with customers on a personal level.

Our Mission

Infinite Legacy's mission is to be the driving force behind retail marketing and sales campaigns across the nation while providing a unique opportunity for individuals to advance their careers based on their own merit and performance. We will accomplish this through hard work, unity, and integrity.

Our Legacy

Our team at Infinite Legacy is the reason for our success. We consider our business to be a “people helping people” business, so the growth and development of our team members is our number one priority. Behind every dominant organization is a committed group of individuals.


& testimonials

C. England

Between extensive training and a team that places customer service as their core focus, I feel like I am working with capable hands when I work with Infinite Legacy. Most importantly, the leadership is really in tune with what’s going on in the company.

A. Davies

If you’re looking for professional representation and rapid results, look no further than Infinite Legacy. The representatives at this company are true experts in their field, and it is easy to see that they genuinely enjoy the work they do. Two thumbs way up!

A. Flores

The team at Infinite Legacy is top notch. Working with them has been complete bliss. They overdeliver every time and are highly reliable. Plus, they are FUN! The training, development, and career opportunities that the company provides are remarkable.

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